A Mother's Reflection on Fizrig, Running Vests and Community

A Mother's Reflection on Fizrig, Running Vests and Community

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After living in Canada for almost five years, it wasn't until 2023 when I decided to move back home to Sunderland and become a part of my son's business, helping him build his dream from the ground up. 

During my short visits back home over an 18 month period, I witnessed my son's struggles, hard work, and excitement as he took his first steps on the ladder of entrepreneurship. Late nights, frustrations and determination were constants in his journey.

Initially, I helped out where I could, despite his other business (Pocket Atlas) demanding the remainder of his time. I pitched in with packing, sorting, and posting supplies. However, his main project was slowly coming to life, evolving from ideas like doggie bags and food flasks into something much grander and life changing.

With his military background and commitment to fitness from his Marine days, my son started to breath life into Fizrig, a brand centred around his military and fitness experiences, launching with a unique running vest concept and a ideas for a whole lot more. The journey so far has not been one without challenges; designing the vest was just the beginning. Finding manufacturers and managing costs proved a big challenge.

During my last Christmas visit before returning to the UK full time, I experienced the buzz and excitement surrounding Fizrig's development. As my son tirelessly worked on designing and producing the running vests and various other FIZRIG products, back and forth it went for months of development and research, I found myself immersed in quality control, meticulously inspecting each item and providing support where I could.

Promoting Fizrig became our priority. From advertising to getting the product on Amazon, every aspect demanded attention to detail. I found myself increasingly involved, not content with remaining in the shadows. Despite not being a gym person like Marco, I took up walking, gradually increasing my activity levels before getting a bike to increase my weekly output, a byproduct of watching Marco reach for his dreams every day.

Accompanying Marco on content-gathering missions for advertising and marketing proved unexpectedly enjoyable for me. Armed with his phone, I captured behind the scene moments while Marco directed his shoots. What started as a tentative venture evolved into a regular part of my routine, with me becoming more involved in photo and video shoots week after week. A great opportunity for me to prove to myself that old dogs can in fact learn new tricks.

Meanwhile, I continued to focus on my own health and fitness journey, even taking up biking. As a type 2 diabetic, The results have been very encouraging as my sugar levels are far more stable, my change in diet is supporting a much healthier internal space and the extra physical output has left me feeling energised and healthier from top to bottom. Realising I am capable of a lot more has motivated me to stay consistent with my new training and continue to feel the benefits of my new lifestyle. 

In addition to traditional marketing and promotions, Marco and his friends ventured into fitness races like HYROX, using them as opportunities for promotion and visibility. The introduction of BASH, the Dinosaur/Alligator mascot, added another layer of fun and engagement to Fizrig's branding, what a day it was to see my son running around a huge event in Manchester dressed up as an alligator, another day filled with fun and high energy, I began to see the thread that was pulling all these ideas together. 

As I reflect, I've noticed that starting a new business comes with its many challenges and frustrations, but I've seen how well my son thrives under pressure and despite setbacks big and small, such as the need for upgrades to the vest, his determination remains stedfast and his vision never wavers. I've seen first-hand the support from Marco's friends, from strangers and from the growing Fizrig community, all of which has been invaluable and super encouraging to see.

I couldn't be prouder of Marco and the entire support team. Their hard work and dedication are evident in every aspect of Fizrig's journey. As we continue to navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, one thing remains certain—Fizrig is more than just a business; it's a community united by passion and determination,

I can't wait to see what unfolds next.

Geri - The Mother of FIZ.

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